Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Review: Matthew Morrison (NKOTBSB Opening - Vancouver)

You just can't escape Glee. I bought my tickets to NKOTBSB in Vancouver last year...and then I find out that Mr. Ego himself, Matthew Morrison, was going to be opening the show. Disappointment. I couldn't NOT go, but I was pissed that I needed to.

First of are not Michael Buble. As far as I am concerned there is only room for one great crooner per generation and you are not it Mr. Shue. Sure the man can sing, I am not saying he can't. He is just not as good as he, or anyone else, thinks.

Even when he moves around stage I can't help but think that he either over compensating for major insecurities or he thinks he is the world's greatest. From what I have seen of him to date I would have to go with the latter.

At one point he talks about people being triple threats (singing, dancing and acting)...who actually says "I am a triple threat"? What a D. Then he went onto do this horrid dance. Well, it wasn't completely terrible, but it was dripping with arrogance which just turned me off completely.

Mark Salling (aka Puck) was in the audience somewhere. He tweeted that he was watching Morrison perform. That is the only good thing about the opening act...except I didn't see him so I guess that doesn't even really count.

Verdict: 2.0 Stars 


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