Sunday, July 17, 2011

Evan Ferrante as Tom Cruise

Post-viewing at the Teenage Paparazzo screening they had a question and answer period with Adrian Grenier and his co-producer Evan Ferrante. I wanted to work this into my review, but I couldn't make it happen. It was just too much of a side note, even to be a side note.

I'd never heard of this Evan Ferrante character, but some of you may. As far as IMDB is concerned he has done his best stuff while producing films. As far as YouTube is concerned, he does his best stuff as Tom Cruise. He showed us the in the Q&A and I almost died and was pissed I didn't tape it. That's ok because you can watch the one above. To the untrained eye...that is Tom Cruise.

If you have ever seen the interview with Tom on the red carpet where he gets sprayed in the face with a water gun you will think this is even more hilarious. I am pretty sure this Evan guy is one of my new favorite people. He definitely brought the laughs.


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