Thursday, July 21, 2011

City and Colour: Better Live!

Photo Credit: Aldona B Photography
City and Colour were the closing band on night one of the Calgary Folk Music Festival. I was concerned that they may not beat J Plaskett who just got off the stage, but what was I worrying about? Dallas Green is such a prime performer with a haunting voice, you couldn't help but be enthralled.

City and Colour is one of those bands that sounds better live. Not that their recorded stuff isn't unreal, because it is. I go to a lot of pop-ish type concerts...and if the people are singing live I always brace for the worst. If they sound half as good as their albums I usually breathe a sigh of relief. Dallas and crew sound even better live. The only thing that would have made it perfection is if they were playing in a small room with amazing acoustics. Some of it does get lost when you are playing to a giant field of people, but the Folk Fest sound is pretty legit.

Photo Credit: Aldona B Photography
Dallas was wearing the cutest little outfit. Such a little hipster. And obviously...I love the glasses. Heart.


If you haven't already heard it, bought it, loved it - City and Colour's new album is available now. It will not disappoint.

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