Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist (Trailer)

Awwwwwyeaaaahhhhh, Casey Affleck. Ok, so he is not the star of this movie, but I'll take a supporting role.

I think the concept is very Ocean's 11 of them and a smidge overdone (and by smidge I mean enormously). Another movie about stealing something but making the robbers look legit - I will add it to my list of the 10,000 other movies that have the same story line.

Ways to make your protagonist thieves look like good people in a flick are:
  1. Demonize the person being stolen from.
  2. The people stealing are being forced by an antagonist who has the power to ruin their lives or their loved ones.
  3. They are super poor and need the money.
Hollywood can always make the thieves in heist/thieving movies look good by using one of these formulas...even though they are still stealing - which is wrong and illegal. If that last one worked in real life I would go rob some Oil execs and expect to get off scot free.

I'm gonna call this right now...this one is a renter.


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  1. Oh My God! My friend is in this movie!!!!!! at 0:18 seconds she's the one pulling her hair behind her ear!!!! AAGGGHHHHHHH


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