Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: Still the most annoying season

I have been semi-watching The Bachelorette this season. I can't give it my full attention...it is just too difficult. The guys this season have all pretty much been duds with the exception of Mickey, who jumped ship early on (smart guy, knew I liked him) and Ashley - well, there could be a new form of prison torture by just recording her voice and playing it over and over.

Tonight we got to the final 3. The Greek dude, Constantine; the Josh Groban look alike, Ben; and the fan favorite (choices are limited), JP. Of course the Bachelorette producers needed to have some sort of big event so they brought back Mr. Magoo, Ryan, to see if Ashley would give him another shot. She already sent him home once so it was not a big shocker when she told him no the second time (*eyeroll).

Best part of the show was when Constantine told her that he just wasn't that down with her and left their date and the show before the fantasy suite. Ouch. I think the dude has got commitment issues as he told Ashley that he looked at 108 houses before buying one. But let's be real - would anyone choose this broad as their first pick? She is a major headcase - so no.  I think the only reason she kept Constantine around was because he wasn't that into her and she obviously loves men who don't give her the time of day (cough *Bentley* cough).

It was pretty anti-climactic after that because you knew that both guys were going to get a rose at the ceremony. They did try to keep your attnetion by making it sound like Ashley was scared that one of them was going to not accept their rose...like that would happen. There is still one more episode of this gong show. So unless she completely underperformed in the fantasy suite, I'd say she was an idiot for even thinking that.

My bets are on Josh Groban - because he has personal issues and JP is just too normal for Ms. Hebert.


I can not wait for this season to be over. They better pick someone good for the Bachelor next season or I will break something...like a pencil or a plastic cup.

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