Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ashley's Cast Offs Enter the Bachelor Pad

The Trashy Pad is about to get up and rolling and new members of the house are being added all the time...most recently, Ames Brown. The dude that got the boot by Ashley this week on the Bachelorette. A couple of Ashley's cast offs are entering the house besides Ames: The Dentist and William. Effing hate William. I want them to bring in that lawyer from Louisiana so he can kick William's ass.

There are a bunch of girls from Brad Womack's latest season that I don't know because I skipped that one, but there are also a bunch of familiar-to-me faces out there.

I am the most excited for the return of Michael Stagliano from Jillian Harris's season of the Bachelorette. I was definitely on Team Ed that season, but as far as people go - Michael seemed super solid. So I am thrilled that he is going to be on The Pad.

I am the least excited for what I would like to call the crazy trio: Jake, Vienna and Kasey. Jake and Vienna were together until their public break up with Chris Harrison. Kasey was the insane one that got the 'guard and protect your heart' tattoo for Ali and is now dating Vienna. I sense World War III.

The Bachelor Pad's season premiere is a whopping 3 hours long on August 8.


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