Saturday, July 30, 2011

14 year old pleading to keep libraries open in Toronto

WTF is going on here.

I am not up on my Toronto municipal politics (except that the mayor supposedly gave the middle finger to a six year old while driving...that is a WTF for another time) but are they closing a bunch of libraries? What on earth would induce a kid to go to council meeting, give a speech, and bawl her eyes out over her local library? This looks bad on so many levels.

I am curious if anyone else was thinking the same thing as you not have the internet at home? We are in the age of WiFi...she could probably steal a signal off her neighbour if she was that hard up. And if this kid doesn't have a computer, well that is just the most traumatizing news ever. Talk about not being employable.

But props to her for caring about something. I definitely cared more about that arrangement of my Backstreet Boys posters on my bedroom wall at that age than anything else.



  1. yeah bla bla bla good for her.... but how many freaking kleenexs does she need? It's not like someone died.

  2. Our mayor is a clown, as is his brother. To save $$, they want to close libraries.

    It may seem like a trivial issue to non-Torontonians but we have the most used library system in the world. I'm a big user and supporter of it. We have a lot of underprivileged here in Toronto and the library offers them literature, access to computers and Internet that they may not otherwise have.

    At the council meeting this person spoke at this week, there were about 300 others expressing their concerns ... it went all night.


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