Thursday, June 23, 2011

Will and Kate's Wedding Donations total $1.7 Million

The Royal Couple had asked for people to donate to the charities of their choosing instead of giving them wedding gifts.

The royal total has been announced...$1.7 million was donated in total (that includes wedding paraphernalia sales, charity specific donations and blanket donations).

Is it just me, or does that number seem kind of low? With the amount of people that watched and attended the wedding and the amount of loaded people that they are 'friends' with you would think they would have made more than that. The Voice probably made more than that alone on their new iTunes download voting system! (Ok, maybe not that much, but close).

The Canadian Government gave $50,000 to the Canadian Coast Guard Auxillary as the countries wedding gift to the couple. That is 2.9% of the overall donations.


In case you were wondering...I didn't donate any money. If anything they should have had a charity set up for me.

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