Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will and Kate asked not to go to the Stampede

As Calgarians await their arrival and wonder if they will be attending the Calgary Stampede, animal rights activists from Canada and Britain have sent letters to Will and Kate asking them not to partake at all.

Letters have been arriving reporting animal cruelty at the Stampede. People get up in arms about this every year, but because Rodeo has been banned in Britain since 1934 there may be some validity in what they are saying. That being said I still think they should participate in the parade or something like it. It's not illegal here.

I would compare it to the time that I went to Amsterdam and got high. It is not illegal there so why not right? I feel like Kate would totally hit up a coffee shop if she were to go to Amsterdam. It would be rude not to, just like it would be rude not to do something at the Stampede.

There may be other repercussions if the Royals swear off the Stampede. That may be a bad blow to the events reputation.


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  1. Britain is weird like that. They banned rodeo in 1934, but it took them a lot longer to ban the fox hunt which is the outright stalking and killing of foxes by people on horseback and their dogs. I think seeing a fox ripped apart by a dog is more violent than rodeo, but maybe I just don't have that sick sense of humour.


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