Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who won The Voice?

Agh, I am so devastate that I put in such an effort watching this program from start to finished and then when it came down to the finale I was on a plane for the performance show and at a graduation ceremony for results (Congrats Isfeld Grads of 2011).

Javier Colon from Team Adam ended up winning the show. I know everyone jizzed over this guy, but I was not a fan. I was definitely routing for Dia Frampton who was the runner up and on Team Blake. Actually out of the 4 contestants that were left at the end, Javier was my least fave.

I am a little disappointed that the show is over already. It was only 9 weeks long. I feel like I was just getting into it and it is already over. I am pretty sure that in American Idol time we would still be in Hollywood group week.

I wonder if the producers of this show are going to reformat so it has a longer run. I just don't feel as invested as I should.

UPDATE: Carson Daley told The Hollywood Reporter that next season there will be 4 weeks of blind auditions instead of 2 and the relationships between the coaches and the contestants will be drawn out as well.

Until next time. That's a wrap.


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