Sunday, June 19, 2011

What is up with all the Syphilis?

Have you been seeing all the syphilis commercials around lately? Is there some mass outbreak going on that I am unaware of?

I have seen the commercials with the face deformities, but I had never seen this one hating on Plenty of Fish. I think it is hilarious, but I have a feeling the people are not pleased.

Obviously they are picking on POF because they can do the "plenty of syph" not because it is free...but don't you think for a second that disease carrying effers can't pay for an account. E-Harmony...the Syphilis people will be after you next.


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  1. Yes, there is actually an outbreak of syphilis going on right now. The number of cases have jumped from 2 in 1999 to 267 in 2009 in Alberta alone, which has the highest rate in Canada, and syphilis can cause death unlike a lot of STIs, so that's why the government is trying to use these lovely PSAs to make people aware.


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