Thursday, June 9, 2011

What does the CMT stand for? CMT Awards round-up

Shania Twain bailed at the CMT Awards last night. It's always hilarious and unfortunate when someone bails at an awards show, ask Christina, but that actually looked like it hurt. (Side note: Shania is going to be doing a two year stint at Caesars Palace in Vegas...trip time!)

It was my intention to write an entire post about this ridiculous show because they, once again, asked Kid Rock to be the host. What a gong show...between Justin Bieber, Kid Rock and Ludacris I was very confused and thought I was maybe watching the wrong show. I wasn' didn't know that country singers have rap choruses? Well I guess they do.

At least Jason Aldean, the dude who sang with Ludacris, had a real rapper do the rapping...what about this Luke Bryan character who has booty shakers on stage and in a country drawl "raps"...that was just horrifying.

I have no comment on the winners as I was told this morning, "You don't know country music." Which obviously I do not...I totally missed the memo on rap/country cross-over acceptability.


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