Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 5: Reasons the Much Music Video Awards were sub-par

Did you watch the Much Music Video Awards? Where you left as empty and unsatisfied as I was? Probably not...I am pretty hard to please. But there is no way a sane person would have watched that mess and thought it was anywhere close to perfection.

I think they may have spent all their time on the sets and forgot about some of the basic things that makes an awards show bearable. I am going to blame the over-all on budget cuts...cause I hope that it is. I never want to see something this dreadful put on by MM again.

Sarah Taylor
Seems like a nice broad, but has she ever done this before? (Rhetorical question...I know she has, but her performance would convince otherwise). I should have counted how many times on the red carpet someone said to her that they couldn't hear her. After time 2 you think she would have spoken up.  It also didn't help that she is a giant and was wearing heels...she towered over everyone and her mouth was that much farther away from their ears. It was painful to watch really.

Who wrote this stuff?
Either the hosting was entirely improve or the writers were terrible. The 'jokes' were not funny, but you could tell they were trying hard. I actually felt bad for everyone who had interaction with Selena Gomez and the MM was awkward.

The Performances
There wasn't one that blew me away. Usually there is Lady Gaga last year showing up in a subway car and lighting her tits on fire. Gaga was less Gaga than I have ever seen her (budget cuts?) and the best of the evening was Bruno Mars and The Black Keys (any that is mainly based on the the singing and less the production). I was also grossed out that Selena Gomez and Fefe Dobson were running around in their bare feet. That is only appropriate for hippies, and even then it is sick.

The Host
She wasn't awful, but she hardly would have been my first choice. Let's face it, the only reason this girl has suddenly become super famous is because she is dating Justin Bieber. My guess...they offered the gig to Bieber and he suggested they take his GF instead.  And why do they always have a tween host? Since they have created the co-host position 3 years ago we have seen Miley and the Jonas Brothers now Gomez. They are going to have to rename it the Disney Channel presents the MMVA.

Shawn Desman Video of the Year
That pretty much wraps up the quality of people getting awards tonight. The nominees were Danny Fernandes, Blake McGrath, Fefe Dobson, Down With Webster, and Desman. I hate CanCon regs.

Side Note: I was also annoyed that all of the presenters had to wear those gross shiny wrist bands. that not INSULTING that your people do not know who Colin Farrel is, and he needs to wear a snap on for identification. Just gross.


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