Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 5: Planks from Canada

Have you heard of one of the dumbest fads recently to take over the internet? It is called 'planking'..."A fast-spreading global fad, planking involves people being photographed while lying face-down in a public place and posting the images on the Internet." People have taken it to such levels that one man in Australia actually died trying to 'plank' from a 7th story balcony.

So if you haven't heard of planking, I apologize in advance for introducing you to this stupidity. If you have...just know, some Canadians have caught the virus as well. So here you have the top 5 Canadian planking photos to date.

Kathrine Delaney Kuharchuk - Edmonton, AB
Planking at West Edmonton Mall. I would have rather see it on the roller coaster...while it was moving.

Vancouver, BC
Lots of things happened during the Vancouver Riot of 2011...including someone planking on a street light.

Photo Credit: Jessica Jefferson
Dartmouth, NS
Just walking home from school and...BAM. Yeah, there is no way to make this sound cool.

Casie Stewart - Toronto, NS
A whole blog on Toronto planking. Now that is dedication.

Anna Goody - Calgary, AB
This would be the best plank by far if I could confirm that the person planking on the stairs-from-hell actually walked up them and not down. I can't it is stupid just like the rest of 'em.


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  1. Some people need to get a real hobby and stop being so LAME!!


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