Friday, June 24, 2011

Season 6 will be a whole new group of Guidos

Snooki and the crew will not be back to the Shore after Season 5 of Jersey Shore wraps. MTV has confirmed that they will be replacing the entire cast for Season 6.

Snooki, J Woww, The Sitch and Pauly D all have spin off shows so they will not be missed. I am so glad to be rid of Sammi and Ron forever, but I am sad that this is looking like the end of the road for Vinny. He was defs my fave...the most anti-guido of the group.

I kind of got bored with the show after the the second season...too much of the same. I am thrilled to see the Italian vacation season, but other than that...I'm burnt out on stupid. Will I back the next crew of skin cancer alcoholics? Probably not...unless they can actually find some hot guys. Then I may put it back on the table as an option.

I think I am going to get drunk tonight in honor of the end of Sammi. It will be glorious.


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