Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recap: The Voice

Just a couple of notes from the first live show of The Voice.

The coaches started out the evening by singing a Queen medley...why? I have no idea. Adam Levine kind of sounded like the super try-hard person on kareokee night...a few good notes and a bunch of bum. Queen is not in Cee Lo's repertoire. Blake Shelton is a country singer, but did ok...and obviously Miss Christina rocked the shit out of it, as only she can.

Christina's little 16 year old was dancing around the stage like a little hoochie...and I could pretty much see her cooch. She was ok in the singing department, but all the other stuff was distracting. The bald lesbian was same old as usual (so legit)...her outfit, not so legit. Frenchie was probably the best of the group, but not amazing. And then there is Lily, Christina's 4th girl who I believe was chosen so that Christina has a less difficult time kicking someone off the show. Don't believe me? Watch Christina's group do their song...the kid had about 5 seconds of air time.

Blake's team won the night for me. The young Xenia look uncomfortable as hell on the stage singing a poppy song when she should have been singing something slow. Remember, she is not the cooch girl from Christina's group. The country guy was ok...kind of lame singing I Hope You Dance (let's be real...I will never like this kid solely based on the fact that he got picked over the ging from round 1). The rocker dude was ok...not much to say there. Then there is of the night by far with her unique version of Kanye's Heartless.

So that was the singing portion of the evening, but I need to touch quickly on the relationship between Christina and Adam. Pure hatred. This isn't Paula and Simon type bickering...I literally feel the tension and it is uncomfortable. They are both rude to each other and both come out looking like snotty little bitches. Cee Lo is in his own little world, probably on drugs and not caring about anything which leaves Blake to become America's favorite judge. I didn't really even know who he was before this and now he is my favorite...the divas made his #1 achievement possible.

My predictions for elimination: Lily and the lesbian rocker from team Christina and Xenia and Country boy from Team Blake (it is really a toss up for TB...Dia is the only one who will be safe)


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