Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recap: The Voice (Semi Finals and Results)

I missed The Voice last night...completely unacceptable, I know. But I was at a concert watching a real singer do her thing. Meaghan Smith, always a pleasure.

So I was not at all surprised with any of the choices for Team Cee Lo or Team Adam. (Nakia and Vicci; Javier and Casey).

I won't comment on who I thought was going to win based on last nights performances because everyone already knows who won. I will say that I knew Javier was going to get chosen for team Adam, but I think Casey Weston is super legit but the songs given to her are not. Team Christina was the hardest though and I didn't know which bald lady was going to move on.

I do want to talk about the nightmare that is Adam and Christina. I guess I wasn't the only one who was super uncomfortable with their annoying bickering every five seconds. They sang Maroon 5's song Moves Like Jagger was good, but it was a sad attempt at reassuring the public that those two don't actually want to knife each other.  Not buying it...At. All.

I would like to congratulate The Voice on the best money grab ever. I can't believe American Idol didn't pick this up...counting purchases of the singles on iTunes as votes. CHA CHING. Obviously that is not the only way they can vote, but one of the ways. 

Elimination show:

One thing that I would love for The Voice to ditch that American Idol does so poorly is the group songs. Hate. These people are not meant to sing in a choir...especially when you have so many unique voices. They don't blend and it sounds terrible.

Vicci, Javier, Dia and Beverly advance.

I liked that Adam was real with his team...he wants to win and thinks he can do that with Javier and not Casey. All the other coaches were like "50/50 you're both so great" which is obviously not the case. That is just a cop out. Man up and give them a score!

So now we are onto the final 4: Dia for the win.


Side note: Carson am I JUST noticing you right now that you have almost a double head with that forehead?

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