Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recap: The Voice: Coach Sabotage

I have so much to say about this weeks episode of The Voice. What I really want to talk about is what I call coach sabotage.  I have heard each of the coaches talk about pushing the contestants out of their comfort zone to sing something they are not used to. The thing is though, most of these kids are already so far out of their comfort zone singing on stage on national television that they almost need the security of singing in their zone. This is coach sabotage number one. Pushing them to breaking.

Coach sabotage number two is the song choice. This tactic is used most often by Cee Lo who had his team singing all sorts of stupid unsuited-to-their-voices songs. After hearing Cee Lo's team sing (minus Vicci) I thought - man, he sure does hate them. I can't think of any other reason that he made them sing such garbage.

The sister duo started off the night looking and sounding like they were singing at the high school talent show with a couple thousand dollar budget. Cee Lo and Christina both think more about the production than the actual voice (um, wait...what show was I watching again?...). Christina even took a digg at Adam early on when Casey sang and there was back up singers and drummers that kind of overpowered her performance. Ummmm, okay Christina. And you didn't have Lily's back up dancers eat her whole on stage? Puh-lease.

After seeing Adam's team again I have come to the conclusion that they were the best vocally. Unfortunately for them both Devon (the kid who looks like Chicken Little) and Jeff (the bigger kid who sings country) both choked on stage tonight. I am not sure if it was the song choice or the nerves...but whatever it was - it got them. I did not appreciate Javier's version of Sarah McLauchlan's Angel, but people are already eating it up. It was way to stylized and fast...and in my opinion, butchered.

The saves from last week were as follows:

Team Christina:
America Saves: Beverly  Christina Saves: Frenchie
I was worried Christina would save the little hooker, but all is well. I was not impressed with Christina's crocodile tears either. I hate fakery. Yuck. Don't pretend like you care hussy. I don't believe you for a second.

Team Blake:
America Saves: Dia Frampton  Blake Saves: Xenia
America's save was a no brainer. I was surprised by Blake's save...I really like that kid, but can she handle the pressure? I think Blake has a good strategy going with unique over stronger voices. None of his people were amazing so I think Xenia was a good pick.

My choices for this week:
Team Cee Lo: Vicci Martinez and Nakia
Team Adam: Casey Weston and Javier Colon (unless America goes for the sad story of Jeff, then Casey may go home).

oh...and even though we are not in America...you can vote. For now anyways.


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