Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movie Madness: Out This Weekend

It's been a while...but I have decided to re-introduce Out This Weekend because I keep forgetting when movies are coming out. So I am doing this for my benefit, not yours.

Larry Crowne
Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts team up in this cute looking movie about a dude who goes back to school and starts seeing his jaded semi-emo seeming teacher. I am not sure if this movie is going to be dope or slow. I will say that, as a person, I really like Tom Hanks.

Monte Carlo
Lizze McGuire is back with a sequel....what? Wait. Ok, so this is not the Lizzie McGuire Movie 2.0. starring a dark haired Hilary. It is Selena Gomez's movie about a euro-trip with friends. They find a famous person that looks identical to Selena and they trade places. It's a lame tween version of Prince and the Pauper.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
This one came out earlier this week, but still needs mention. I am going to say that this one will be the best yet. Why? Because Megan Fox is not in it making it gross and dirty. Yay!


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