Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lady Gaga - the Green Hairy Monster

Oh Gaga. She opened the MMVA's with Edge of Glory. Not over the top and very tame (for Gaga). So of course you knew she was going to have some sort of second performance.

She came back to close out the show with her hair a foot longer and popping out of a egg wearing Adam Lambert inspired black wings. Then she took those off to reveal a cheetah-ish type print jacket. Of course that was too much cover for the Gags and she removed that as well until she was down to a black leather bra and pants.

This obviously was not crazy enough for Gaga (the green hair and the half naked body) she had a little green bush over her crotch of her pants and her armpits were adorning green patches as well. SICK.

...well at least she lost the latex, shoulder and face implants.


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