Friday, June 3, 2011

Jason Sudeikis thought Bieber was from the Make-A-Wish Foundation

This years host of the MTV Movie Awards is SNL's Jason Sudeikis. I don't know that much about him except for the few supporting roles I have seen him in. I try to avoid SNL if at all possible so I am not familiar with his work...but I guess he is funny enough to host the awards.

Last night Sudeikis was on Jimmy Kimmel to promote the movie Horrible Bosses and they got to talking about the NBA Celebrity All-Star game that he and Kimmel were involved in. Then they get talking about Justin Bieber, who won the MVP, and it gets hilarious. "I didn't even know it was him for the first 2 quarters, I thought it was a Make-A-Wish situation." Ha ha.

The MTV Movie Awards air this Sunday night...and I just got excited.


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