Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jake and Vienna on The Bachelor Pad

Oh the sick sick reality of summer time television. The even trashier sister to The Bachelor/Bachelorette is definitely The Bachelor Pad...where former contestants of The Bachelor and Bachelorette come on the show and compete for some moolah.

Last summer I got sick of the ridiculousness of The B Pad...I don't remember why, but some things just make you feel like less of a person for watching them. The B Pad is one of those shows. It is going to be even worse this summer as they bring back some of the most annoying contestants of all time...Jake and Vienna. The tranny is back people. I knew she would can't keep a crazy betch down.

Also in the group is the idiot wrestler from Toronto, Justin "Rated R' Rego, who went on Ali's season with a supposed GF back home. He went on record multiple times saying that the show demonized I guess we shall see in the B Pad.

Will you watch? Or will another round of Vienna just be tooooooo much tran. for one lifetime?


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