Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Review: Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds shirtless.

So that's basically why I went to this movie. Obviously I would have been more impressed had he been shirtless more often or for the entire time, but no movie is perfect.

I don't know if this movie did the Green Lantern story justice...I would like to take a shot in the dark here and say no. Ask a nerd, they would have a better idea.

A couple of things that made this movie sub-par:
  1. Blake Lively. I am never ok with the tran-ster playing the leading lady. 
  2. Too much dialogue that wasn't really know when a movie is long but then you leave the theatre and think, "Did anything actually happen?" was kind of one of those.
  3. The villain was lame...I wasn't scared.
My favorite part of the movie was was when Hal who is also the Green Lantern (Reynolds) flies over to the tranny's house and does a whole Superman landing on her balcony thing and she is like...."Hal?" BEST. It always pissed me off the Louis couldn't figure out that Clark was Superman and all he had disguising himself was glasses. Bullshit. I am glad that they didn't do that BS.

I got what I wanted out of that movie...I wanted to see Ryan from start to finish and without his shirt. It happened. I am happy.

Verdict: 2.2 Stars


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