Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hef's grandchild leaves him just before the alter

Hugh Hefner's lady jumped ship 5 days before their wedding. 25 year old Crystal Harris had a "change of heart" according to Hef and backed out.

Maybe she realized that Hugh is not a couple of days from death, but a couple or a dozen years. That may have just been too much to handle.

I also love the people who say that she was only with him for fame and fortune. Well OBVIOUSLY. Since when do you know of a hot chick dating a raisin 60 years older than her for any other reason. You don't, that shit doesn't happen.

TMZ is reporting that Harris left because she wants to focus on her music career...that we all know she has? That is a weak excuse. Hef probably needs to sleep for half of the day - why could she not do the music thing during that time? Exactly...

Oh well. Hef, now you can just give your money to charity instead of the fake boob fund.


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