Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Green Men and Mark Wahlberg...

Last night Tim Thomas was representing for the gingers world wide...but Lou won. Canucks win game 5: 1-0. One more game and the Stanley Cup may end up in Vancouver.

The Green Men were back last night and were picking on my husband Mark Wahlberg.

You can't really see in this photo...but it is my life long love holding a sign that says "Say hello to your mother for me..." which was a line that was actually made famous by Andy Samberg on SNL after her did a skit making fun of Mark and he was PISSED about it. I believe the line was also used in The Departed (Mark's Oscar nominated role, I must add).

That is neither here nor there...what is important is that my husband was important enough to make the card board cut out. There are a lot of famous Bostonians, but of COURSE my lover is the #1.

Below is a video from Letterman last night...I don't think these are the real Green Men, but they are famous enough to have a spoof on Letterman? Good job.


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