Thursday, June 16, 2011

Edge of Glory...taking back a strike. Even possible?

I have been pretty hard on Lady Gaga lately. Her new album was mediocre to my ears, I was annoyed by her first two singles off the album and her blue hair (which I never wrote about) made my Avril Lavigne migraine return.

When Edge of Glory first came out I didn't go into it...I just said strike three. It's not like I wake up in the morning and want to hate on Gaga because in all seriousness, I like her. She is articulate, she knows what she is selling and her message is a good one (no matter how weird her presentation may be). But I had my haterade on that day and dismissed it like spam mail on a Sunday.

Then today the music video came out and I took a look. My reaction was as follows: I don't hate this...there is not much going on...I kind of like it...I kind of LOVE it. Well, everything except what looked like a choreographed solo dance number on the balcony...that was kind of meh.

Until recently I had come to terms with the fact that I may never like a song, movie, show or concert ever again. And who would have thunk that Lady Gaga would be the one to renew my spirits? Trust me, I am more surprised than you.

That all being said...I am really tired today and spent my entire morning listening to people talk about oil and M&A and that is enough to completely strip anyone of their senses and greatness.


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