Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear YVR Rioters...

Dear Vancouverites (or a portion thereof which is comprised of douche bags and delinquents),

I heard your team lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Actually the entire WORLD heard that your team lost, because instead of going out with some class and congratulating your team on a great run and calling it a night you went out like the sorest of sore losers.

The riots, the burning of cars, the looting of stores, breaking shit and kind of brought us all back to a couple of months ago - when several countries in the middle east revolted against their governments because their lives actually DO suck.

Not gonna lie Vancouverites...the whole situation is making you look like spoiled brats. It's not like you are Rough Rider fans and you team is the only good thing about your whole province. (No offence SK, but you know it's true). You have the mild climate, the ocean, a beautiful city (well it WAS) and you just hosted the Olympics. Some may even say it would be greedy for you to also want to have the coveted cup. You were on your way there and your team choked in the final most significant game of the season. I HAVE BEEN THERE Vancouver. It sucks, but let's be adults here and try to handle our liquor and emotions.  You went off like a crazy bitch on PMS who just found out her husband was sleeping with the nanny.

Even the dude taping this video is a douche.

Many people are saying that you are not Canucks fans. You are just a bunch of goofs who want to break shit. Well unfortunately for them, those who had some class, you have dragged their names through the dirt with you because you were wearing the blue and green jerseys.

You owe your city, the team and the other fans an apology. Your douchey behaviour has turned Vancouver from a world class city to a war zone.

Anyways, I just wanted to punch your dicks and let you know that any sympathy that I felt for your loss ended when I saw a guy doing a beer bong on top of a flipped over police car.  And if you did this to take the heat off Luongo - job. well. done.


PS...any team that has a Wahlberg on their Jersey is guaranteed to win. Sorry...those boys are from Boston bitches.

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  1. I was in Prince Rupert Monday to yesterday and it was such a positive vibe there and at the Vancouver airport. Too bad this had to happen.


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