Monday, June 13, 2011

Dammit Team Shania

You know what bothers me? Labels that pull music videos and songs off of youtube due to "copyright" is so effing annoying. 6 years for Shania to put out a new single and this (above) is what I get.

Today I wanted to post Shania Twain's new single Today is Your Day, but her peeps have pulled it down off of every site I have seen. All I want to do is you have made it so I am going to have to go illegally download it off Frost Wire because god only knows I do not buy a song on iTunes that I haven't heard all the way through (screw their 30 second teasers). And don't tell me that it's only $1.29...that's a whole $1.29 I don't have.

Your loss team Shania. Also...if you pull this crap when the music video comes out I will stop being excited for your Caesars Palace residency.


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  1. Found it!


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