Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cory Monteith wasn't always the Golden Boy

Oh Cory. The public didn't know much about the man who plays Finn Hudson on Glee besides he had a bunch of random jobs including a taxi driver and a Wal-Mart greeter, and that he plays the drums. Now we know wouldn't want his back story making people look at him differently (or push parents to make their 10 year olds remove his Tiger Beat posters from their bedroom wall).

Ryan Murphy, the diva creator of Glee, recently announced that some of the original cast was going to graduate and be off the show in the 2012 season...including Cory Monteith.

So now the truth comes out. Cory was a high school drop out at 16 (we already knew this), he had a serious drug problem and went to rehab when he was 19. It wasn't until he stole a bunch of money from a family member and was caught, that he started to clean up his life. (I don't this it was by was a "you get your shit together or I am reporting you to the police" situation).  He then moved to Nanaimo, BC and started to get it together. (If I had the choice between Wal-mart greeter and theif/drug would be a VERY tough decision).

I would be interested to hear some of his old friends from the 'bad old days' have to say about him. I can't really picture him as a thieving druggie, but then again I was once a nice 180's do happen.



  1. I luv Cory! He is so FIT!

  2. Nanaimo killed Cory Monteith. You can run but you can't hide from Nanaimo.


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