Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Rock Eddies: A Reason to Party on a Monday

Myself and Calgary's own Mr. Fabulous...he's too cool to obey the law re: Drinking in Public
Calgary's Big Rock Brewery had their annual Big Rock Eddies last night. The brewery gives out awards and cash prizes to the people who make them the best advertisements and people get dressed up like they are going to the B-list section of Lady Gaga's birthday party.

Obviously I am not one for participation so a linen dress and blazer was as much as the fabulous Eddie folks were going to get from me, but other people...can I use the term 'balls to the wall' when referencing clothing? Well it was epic. See some of the best costumes of the night here. Magic.

The winning commercial was legit...I have a soft spot for commercials that make fun of how other commercials are made (ie. the Kotex commercial 'that's what it's supposed to look like!').  This is me and Blayke McWilliam and Mike McLaughlin who made the winning video...kind of cute right? Love me a tall man.

The night was a blast...what to say? I will just give you the highlights so you can cry about how you missed the good time:

Bathroom stall rebels I tell ya.
Pre-parties with free booze; seeing a girl do a face plant on the red carpet (yes mam, that is a speed bump right in the middle of the runway); obnoxiously cheering random people that we didn't know in the ceremony; teaching Jenny how to shotgun a beer in the handicap bathroom stall and the subsequent first timer's upchuck; seeing a girl bail down a flight of stairs in neon pink pumps, laughing at her with some random chick (who clearly has the same great sense of humour that I do) and then seeing what looked like a paramedic assess the girls ankle; going into the show with two drink tickets, getting hammered and then still leaving the night with 5 extra in my purse - score.

Not too shabby for a Monday night. (Side Note to the Eddies Organizers: my Tuesday SUCKED, just so you know).


Photo Credit: Jen C

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  1. Brilliant... And as for drinking in public, drinking a 5.5% B.R Cider is like drinking apple juice... Arrest me (I am having visions of the tv show OZ)


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