Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Brother 13...Brendon and Rachel Return?

Oh gross. My favorite summer show is about to start up again and with the news I just learned I may not be able to watch it. I just cannot STAND Brendon and Rachel.  The CBS website currently has 8 people listed as being on the show, but the rumours on the net are that "dynamic duos of the past" will be coming back and they could include Brendon and Rachel, Jordan and Jeff, Will and Boogie, and Hayden and Enzo.

I am unsure why Hayden and Enzo would be considered a dynamic duo. But since Hayden, Boogie, Will, and Jordan already won a season I think the only people on that list that should be coming back is Brendon and Rachel. Since I absolutely HATE both of them I hope that this entire rumour is untrue. And they are engaged now so I am sure they are worse than ever.

Big Brother 13 premier's Thursday July 7th!



  1. Will and Boogie!!!! Wooooooooooooo! I will never miss an episode.

  2. yay for Brendon and Rachel! I love Rachel!!!!


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