Monday, June 20, 2011

51 year old Green Mile actor weds 16 year old

Well, these two have nothing on Hef and his recent runaway bride, but still.

Doug Hutchinson, who was most notably in The Green Mile (if you call a small part I forgot about until today 'notable'), and a 16 year old named Courtney Stodden got married in Vegas with the consent of her mother. WTH.

First of all...look at this chick.  1. She doesn't look 16. 2. She is attractive so I could see her being a gold digger...but my thought is that this guy is not rolling in the funds. 3. He is FUUUUUUUGGGGGLY.

I am so disgusted by this. Old men sleazing it out with teenagers. Vomit.


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