Saturday, June 11, 2011

1 Girl 5 Gays' Cast Member Jumped

One of the cast members of 1 Girl 5 Gays was jumped and gay bashed last night by 7 men according to the shows Twitter account.

 Thankfully whoever the unnamed member was only had minor injuries and is ok, but that is not the point. That is outrageous...and I am appalled that this type of behaviour is still happening in our country especially in an urban centre like Toronto, which is where the cast members of the show live.

Besides the gay bashing, which is sickening and makes me want to cap a mother f-cker, 7 to 1? What kind of pussies ARE these people that they need to fight 7 to 1. Despicable.

Rage meter at 10.

UPDATE: Turns out that cast member that was attached was Max Claude and he had a friend with him. According to Claude and his friend were walking down Yonge Street on Saturday night and someone in a group of 7 guys yelled "F-cking F*ggots"...Claude turned around to say 'Are you serious?' and then he got hit over the back of the head with a bottle.

They couldn't identify they guys so they never went to the police.


  1. I completely agree...I am so disgusted that this type of violence and ignorance has happened in Canada.

    Please retweet the 1 Girl 5 Gays tweets or post your messages of outrage for this hatred and your support of equality.

  2. Gay bashing is awful! Having said that; I'm gay but I have to say that most of the cast members on that show deserve a bottle thrown at them.
    This show's cast and format makes me want to be straight.
    Cast members are always acting like silly idiots and saying things that make gay people look really bad.

    Can't we have intelligent conversations with respected gay men, not these effeminate, children...?

  3. To the commenter above, how can you say that Gay bashing is awful, and then follow that with how most of the cast deserves it anyways?

    I am a fan of 1G5G, but there are opinions I don't like on the show. That said, nobody on that show deserves to be hurt. If you find their behaviour abhorent, then lobby to get the show cancelled, but casually saying that most of them deserve a flogging is ignorant.

    Why be a bully? Isn't there enough of that?
    Just ask Tracy Morgan

  4. You have Kobe Bryant shouting out the word Faggot...then again with the jets guy and David Tyree speaking out against Gay Marriage...and of course you have Tracey Morgan being downright hateful against gays and there are no ramifications. Even the sight of Weiner's Weiner has brought down a Congressman. Are people that afraid of Gays in this day and age? Well Marc Freden, too, has been given pause with the issue. As a gay man, even he feels the need to apologize for the blatant use of the word "Faggot" in his new book "REALLY!?!" Now Freden using the "F" word should get a tacit pass...much like black people using the "N" word to describe themselves. His harmless use of the word...(And you must read the book to understand) has lead him to a video mea culpa on YouTube "Marc Freden Must Apologize to the Gay Community". Furthermore, Freden has pledged that if Kobe Bryant can be fined $50,000 then he too should pay a price. A percentage of every book sold as a result of his apology will go to the Trevor Project - a gay hotline for distressed teens looking for a voice of calm and understanding. It is the least he can do. Who will join Freden in this cause?

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  6. Please note I do allow people to post anything they would like anonymously, but I will filter any comments with homophobic slurs.

  7. this show is disgusting and should not be on public television for our kids to watch. This show is not about gay relationships but gay sluts. The vulgarity of this show just sickens me. It is disgusting how they all talk and this should not be on public television.

  8. The show itself is a disgusting piece if filth. The cast's behavior is beyond repulsive, they come across as the stereotypical arrogant, self important, disrespectful, sexually depraved, obnoxious perverts that the world has and in many cases still does perceive all gays to be. This show encourages hate and gay bashing, I'm surprised the fools who make up the cast seem to be completely unaware of this. On the other hand maybe they are but are simply too full of themselves to give a damn. Watch this trash for a while and you will quickly see why gay kids get beaten with in an inch of their lives and so many become addicts or kill themselves. I can only watch for about five minutes before I find myself getting nauseous.

    1. I agree totally. I am a closeted 16 year old gay high school student living in Toronto. My fear of being branded has come from a great degree from seeing this repulsive show and the completely inappropriate behavior of its cast. 1 girl 5 gays is keeping kids all over the country from coming out because of fear of being labeled swishing, sanctimonious, self-righteous, smug, effeminate, egomaniacs with attitude and filthy mouths. Why not start over with a cast of mature, articulate, intelligent, respectful gay men. Get rid of these emasculated clowns.

  9. As a 72-year old gay, I find the show to be funny and interesting. My partner of 42 years does not. It portrays a certain slice of young gays in Toronto. They are encouraged by the producers to say provocative things or their ratings would not be good. It is not filth any more than other shows with sexual content on TV. Their sexual behavior is way different than mine, but that's OK. More important that such a show is on TV. I am more concerned about the shallow lives of the people on the A-List in various cities. What a bunch of jerks. What a terrible stereotype to portray of gay lives.


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