Thursday, May 19, 2011

Winnipeg Girl gets Proposed to at Oprah Farewell Taping

 Jenna Steinsvik, a Winnipeg woman, was the person proposed to at Oprah's Farewell taping. I am so jealous....that she got to go to the taping, not that she is getting married. Tied down for life? No thanks.

Anywhos. She got tickets to the show in the Oprah lottery and was going to take her mom. Her BF and her dad were going down to Chicago with them, but not to go to the show. The BF, Alex Babinsky, then contacted the shows producers and asked if he could propose on the show. On the day of the taping Jenna's mom faked a migraine and the BF filled in. (Side note: Her mom is a saint. I would have told the boy to take a hike and find another way to propose. It's OPRAH).

Her first clue that this was going to be happening was that they sat them in the FRONT ROW. Do you realize the type of people they were sitting by? Fack. Then the producers brought the dude on stage and her and he proposed. The crowd freaked out...obviously, they are at a damn Oprah taping. The girl said yes and Oprah's people told her to keep them updated on the wedding.



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  1. I kind of hate people like that...can't they just wear t-shirts that say: "Look at me"?


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