Sunday, May 29, 2011

We are not all Cowboys...a song about Calgary (VIDEO)

We all know I love songs about Calgary...I basically had a jizz session over Bon Iver naming one their songs Calgary with no other mention of the city at all. So of course when I saw the video for a song called Calgary...about Calgary...I was elated.

Transit is a local rapper (well...according to his song he hails from the wet coast - but same here, so no hate) who did a song called Calgary mentioning local artists as well as the Mayor, Nenshi. He also got Jann Arden to sing the bridge. I guess this would be a pretty big deal to an Arden fan, which I am not, but I guess that is semi-big time. be real, her part is the worst in the whole song. Unfortunate, but it doesn't ruin the overall message...we are not all cowboys. (And those who say they are...usually just do it for the 10 days during Stampede to get laid by tourists).


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