Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 5: Summer TV Shows

This month all of the regular shows are going to wrap up and the summer shows will slowly start to premiere. I love summer television for a couple of reasons. First, there are not that many good shows so less time is spent watching them...this also means that you don't feel too too bad about watching crap television, because there is nothing else on. I also love summer shows because they are so outrageous. This is the time that the stations test extremely stupid shows to see if people will grow to love them. Usually we don't, but it's fun to see them try.

So here are the top 5 shows I am excited for this summer...

The Bachelorette
Ok so this is not exactly a summer only show, but it does premiere at the end of May and I did take a break from the drama in Brad's season of the Bachelor. Time for some excitement and hot men (hopefully)...also there is a guy from Alberta in the mix.

Extreme Makover: Weight Loss Edition
This show is going to be based on getting some super fat people a healthy way over a year long period. I am so excited to see a show that is not about quick fixes. Not sure if it is going to have a lot of hugging and crying, but if it doesn't it could be a legit show. My guess is probably not, but it is going to air after The I will already be watching TV....

Traffic Light
You may have seen this already as they have played a couple episodes after Raising Hope this season. It is not AMAZING, but as I said...summer shows. You can't expect much. This will be a show I will watch halfassed while multitasking on my computer, occasionally looking up and having a little chuckle.

Vinny and the gang are heading out of our lives forever after this season so I think we should send them off with some viewers. I admit that their last couple of seasons have been far less than stellar, but I am willing to put them aside in honor of great moments from Ari, Lloyd, Drama and Turtle. I will send off Mark Wahlberg's fake life in style.

Big Brother
Clearly I saved the best for last...hell, I probably won't even bother with the other shows on this list because I will be so wrapped up, 3 days a week, watching people locked in a house ripping eachother's heads off. I believe this is the reason television was invented. I usually can tell within the first week of episodes if the season is going to be a dud, extremely annoying, or brilliant. Hopefully this year is the third.


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