Monday, May 30, 2011

Top 5: Most Annoying Current Commercials

TiVo and PVR may be saving you from some of the annoying commercials on TV lately, but unfortunately for me I have to endure these brain sucks everyday. So this are the top 5 commercials currently on TV that annoy me.

"This other store has these for 20 cents less." What. The. Hell. In what decade was this commercial made? Someone taking up the time of a customer service rep over twenty cents needs to be smacked in the face. You know what this commercial is going to produce? Copycat assholes.

First...the woman screaming. You are in a restaurant, use your inside voice bitch. Second...the dude that smacks the phone. You think he would have figured out that it was a phone after the first hit, but even more mind boggling is that he doesn't figure it out in the time it takes him to TAKE OFF HIS SHOE and hit it. What kind of shoes are those? Steel-toed dress shoes? Fack.

"Oh we got robbed."  As they casually walk through their completely empty house. "Robbed" is not exactly what I would call someone removing every single thing from your home except for your desktop from 1995. You think someone would have noticed the multiple moving vans outside and the hours it would have taken to completely empty your home. Then to top it off the looks on their faces when they realize they need a new computer...completely void of any worry over everything they owned being STOLEN.

This one isn't annoying as much as it is terrifying. Biggest fear on the a boardroom...eating people. Eck.

"My diaper is full." Horrible. Even worse? Someone thinking a baby in a dress shirt, shoes and a diaper walking around a posh area is in any way acceptable. Gross. And it's a baby...double gross. And don't even get me started on the tag line. I am convinced only douches buy these for their babies.

Gawd, I need to get myself a PVR.


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