Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 5: End of the World Movies

So as you may have heard the world may or may not come to an end on Saturday May 21. If it does it has been nice knowing you, but I have a feeling I am going to be around until AT LEAST my 35th I would breath easy.

In honor of yet another end of the world dates I would like to share with you my top 5 favorite 'end of the world movies' (also known as 'movies where Americans save the planet'):

I have never not cried in Armageddon. Many people (pretty much everyone) will disagree with me that it is one of the best movies ever, but it is. It is kind of ironic that a bunch of oil drillers end up saving the planet in this movie...the very profession that is shat on today as being the one of the killers of the earth. Think about that Green Peace. Booyeah.

The Day After Tomorrow
I actually find this movie did those people not die in that library. There is no way the insulation in that building was any way near good enough to keep out the death cold.

Now if the world DOES end on Saturday the Mayans are gonna look pretty stupid because NEWS is still 2011. But in this movie...the world ends in 2012 and the people make arks like Noah (but more high tech) and people survive. (SPOILER...too late, sorry)

Independence Day
Not sure if Family Radio is predicting aliens attacking us on Saturday, but if they did I am fully confident that Will Smith would be able to save us all.

Deep Impact
Let's face it, the movie was pretty terrible. Anything with Leelee Sobieski in it is ruined from the first take, but I liked this one because America was only able to fix part of the problem...and the astronauts die and then there is still a massive tidal wave which kills people. That is more like it...a little bit of realism in our sci-fi movies. That's what this world needs.

I have scheduled a Top 5 for next week...just in case the aliens nab me.


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