Friday, May 6, 2011

Some other things I thought you may like to know...

I would like to see this movie - Life in a Day.

Betty White says that Bea Arthur didn't like, not that I blame her Betty, but it kind of felt like she was the type to hate everyone.

Hallmark Channel has given the go ahead for a William and Catherine did the Hallmark Channel not already have a movie made? This is their dream story is it not?

The house from Home Alone is up for sale. 2.4 Mill.

Bryan Adams had his first kid at 51 (That he knows of).

Courtney Cox had dinner with Brad Pitt...fackin forget about everything else, this screams national attention.

Lady Gaga released her Judas music video...Jesus is played by a kid from Coach Carter, I just can't take it seriously.


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