Friday, May 13, 2011

So Long Walker Family - Brothers and Sisters gets the axe.

Brothers & Sisters has been given the axe.

For those of you that were following the fate of the show it should have come as no surprise that Sunday's episode was the last ever. I don't know if the writers had tied things up as nicely as they could have because I think they were still thinking the show may have been renewed.

Quick recap:
  • Sarah was the only one who basically had everything come together for her in the end with the whole episode being about her wedding.
  • Kevin and Scotty kind of got that baby back and then all was real explanation. 
  • Nora and Brody are probably going to end up together, it was implied so there was no real need to explain anything. 
  • Kitty and Seth got back together (when the hell did that happen? I think I missed an episode) and all of a sudden she is preggo. I don't even think that everyone even found out about that...which is one of the main reasons why I think the writers thought the show may get the next season pick up. Everyone in that fam needs to know everything about everyone for them to end it without everyone knowing about Kitty's bun in the over was weird.
  • Obviously I am the most disappointed with Justin. He ends up as a paramedic...that's it, sleeping with some married Hotel receptionist. He could have done way better. I am disappointed with this.
  • Tommy comes back for the last episode. No idea what is going on with him...what happened to his girlfriend or wife or whatever? 
  • No last cameo of Holly or Rebecca...sad face. Or Robert...which I GUESS is excusable, since he is dead, but it would have been nice.
  • Saul's BF proposes to him. It was weird. It was one of those..."fine let's get married even though I don't want to"...cop out.
So long Brothers & was a good run.


If you are wondering why it got's probably because the cast was so large and talented it cost outrageous amounts of money to keep the show going. The ratings were not high enough to justify the continuance.

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