Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recap: The Voice - Battle Rounds Complete

Tonight on The Voice the final battle rounds were conducted. Each coach, in not so many words, said that they had the strongest team. Clearly this is not the case...but who actually does?

Well, as I have stated previously, I don't think that any of the singers are mind blowing.
  • Cee Lo had one of the better chances to make his team the best, but now looking at his final choices...he kind of shat the bed. The young duo have a long way to go, the country guy was chosen by default, the Forget You large man is decent but not extraordinary....his best bet is the rocker soul girl.
  • Blake Shelton completely kissed all hopes of winning goodbye when he kicked off the ginger in round one. End of story...and the people that he ended up with - 2 girls that are scared of their own shadows, a country guy and a semi-ok rocker. Nope.
  • Adam said his team was the strongest...and I almost agree. Although he did pick the 2 nerdy boys, a contract with no album "almost star" and a girl that will probably the first of the 4 to get sent packing.
  • Christina has the strongest team vocally because...the strongest contestants wanted to go with the strongest singer. Thank God it is called The Voice though because the two shaved head big ladies may have brought her down. The 16 year old on her team can sing...but she is annoying like nails on a chalkboard. The girl she picked tonight...song dependent...may be the first to go.
I have no favorites coming out of the battle rounds. No one is good enough at this point to garner an endorsement from me, but time will tell. One thing is for sure...if they don't get better contestants next year this show will burn out as fast as it blew up.


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