Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recap: The Voice - Battle Day 1

So tonight on The Voice the first round of Battles took place. The coaches each brought in another guest coach to help them train and choose their team winner of the night.

Blake Shelton brought in effing REBA - one of the worlds greatest Gingers by far.  Adam Levin brought in his body guard a music director for Maroon 5 - the man was a giant, Adam needs some big guns to keep the chicks at bay. Christina brought Sia - which was interesting because I actually thought that she was someone Christina found out back dumpster diving.  CeeLo brought Monica - which did not impress me at the Boy is Mine drama I was defs on team Brandy.

The Battles were less than amazing. There was only one good one and I think everyone thought it sounded better than it did because the rest blew.

  • Battle 1: Team Christina - Lame. I would have booted them both off. I am glad that Franny or whatever her name is got to stay. I am annoyed with the other girls lack of teamwork...Team Christina has some diva's in training
  • Battle 2: Team Blake - Better, but I can't believe the gingy didn't win! You can't kick off a ging with red hair when Reba is there! That is so rude. I think Blake went with the country guy because he doesn't know how to work with a pop singer. Your loss Shelton, your loss.
  • Battle 3: Team Adam - Lame. They both sucked. The dude that sounds like a girl rightfully went home. Adam had to go with the best of the worst and went with the one that was easy on the eyes...but seriously Adam, it took you so much time to choose...and then to end up with these people on your team. Disappointment.
  • Battle 4: Team CeeLo -  CeeLo's bitches ripped it up. Song choice...not sure, but they did sing together the best. Unlike team 1 who tried to sabotage each other...who the hell does that? It is just going to screw up the whole song.
The Ginger was my fave of the night and he just got sent packing. I am sticking with my initial instincts of The Voice...lots of show, but the singing is lacking. Pick it up peeps...the people can be fooled by the the gimmicks for a while, but at the end of the day if the singing are dead in the water.


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