Friday, May 20, 2011

P!nk is not happy about the pink horse

Selena Gomez filmed a music video in Malibu yesterday which involved a horse being painted pink. P!nk is an avid animal activist and took to twitter when she found out that someone (she didn't know who) was filming a music video with a painted pink horse and basically asked animal activists to take action. She found out later who it was and was even more annoyed. Ha ha.

I honestly don't care if they painted the horse every colour of the rainbow with lead based paint (they supposedly used a vegetable based powder with colouring)...I think a rainbow horse would be wicked. What I care about is...what the hell kind of music video was Gomez shooting that required the use of a light pink horse? I will tell you...something extremely lame. There is no way something good can come of a light pink horse on a beach mixed with pop music.

I think Selena could be legit once she is older...if she stops doing shit like having pink horses in her music videos. Her summer movie Monte Carlo also looks like a rip off of the Lizzie McGuire Movie...and if you have to rip off the Lizzie McGuire Movie, well...that is just sad. Stop this madness Selena. You can do better.


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