Tuesday, May 31, 2011

McDreamy Leaving Grey's

Patrick Dempsey told Vanity Fair that season 8 of Grey's Anatomy is going to be his last...

“I do not know what’s going to happen to the other characters, but for me it’s done...[it's] been great and a great part of my life, but I can’t see me doing it anymore.” 

Oh snap.

Ellen Pompeo has also declared recently that she doesn't know if she will return to the show after her contract is up at the end of season 8.  So Meredith and Shepherd are both leaving the show? It's possible. Will that be the end of Grey's then? Or will Little Grey take over? So many questions.

Grey's got boring for me after the hospital merge...I felt like that was kind of the end of the Grey's I liked and the start of the Grey's that I could miss on Thursday and not even realize it. Shonda Rimes, the series creator, is probably not going to let the show finish with Mer and Derek leaving though. And for those that think they will split as part of their ending...Shonda did say that the two would end up together. So at least there is that.

I guess we will have to add Derek and Meredith to the list of Seattle Grace deserters from the original crew...Burke, George, and Izzy. Christina, Alex, Bailey and the Chief are the only ones left....danger.  Sandra Oh needs to get the hell out of there. She is way to good for that shit.

So what do you think? Has Grey's run its course?


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