Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a quick second while I make fun of Mariah's kid's name

I know that this is is old news (as in it was announced yesterday), but I just wanted to take a moment and make fun of one of Mariah Carey's new  They had a boy and a girl, as you are probably aware, named Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon. Monroe is legit, but Moroccan? Seriously Mariah, get your shit together.

I think they realized when naming their son that he needed some kind of out from that monstrosity of a name and gave him the super boring "classic" middle name, Scott.  Moroccan Scott sounds like the name a foreign exchange student would have when living with three other dudes named Scott...the likelihood of that happening (4 Scotts in 1 house) is very probable.

I really hope that all the kids call him by first and middle, Moroccan Scott, for the rest of his life.  I also hope that Monroe sits back and basks in the glory that her parents obviously like her better and care more about her feelings and well being.


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