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Interview: Robyn Dell'Unto - Real Life, Real Talent and Real Likes @robyndellunto

I saw Robyn Dell'Unto play at the Ironwood in Calgary once...she is great, loved her music, but I also quite enjoyed her humour and jokes.  It is always fun to do an interview with an individual with a sense of humour so when I was in Toronto I met up with Robyn for a little sit down.

So who is this Robyn Dell'Unto character? Well, she is a chick who started her musical aspirations while attending a performing arts school. She entered a battle of the bands competition and won the $500 grand prize (holy fack...I think the biggest prize my high school ever gave out for anything was a t-shirt with the high school name on it.) She caught the bug and has been working at it ever since.

In her non-touring/writing time she works in psychometry as an assistant to a psychologist. It is a job that lets you leave for weeks at a time which allows for her touring. She claims to really like doing the reports and whatever it is a psychometrist does, but let's be real...she would totally do music 100% of the time if she could...and she will, because she is good and funny - double threat.

When talking about the 'good' I must refer you to my favorite song of hers, Astronaut. A song about what you may want to be when you grow up...and figuring out that may not be it. We've all been there...realizing that actually we are not going to be Mark Wahlberg's trophy wife and will actually have to work for a living.  Puh-lease, like I was the only one with this aspiration.

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Robyn spoke about what she liked about my fave..."That is exactly how I feel all the time...it's always that, 'What the hell am I doing?'" says Robyn, "I am human and I feel hopeless, but maybe there is something else. Those are the [songs] that make us feel connected." My favorite song is about being hopeless and confused? Hum...sounds about right.

She made a music video for the song, but doesn't know the release date yet, which is obviously killing me. I hate not knowing. It was filmed in LA around the Hollywood Walk of Fame and all those people trying to make it. I am not going to lie...how she described it to me it will either be brilliant or lame, only the final product will help me decide (tick tock Dell'Unto).

I hope Robyn sticks around in this business for a long while. I need someone to write real, not sappy garbage, songs that I can chill to which are also enjoyable. Astronaut is good, but the rest of the album is also legit. I will vouch for it...so you know it is gold.

Regular Randoms

Celebrity Crush
John Krasinski. I want to make him mine. I told her he was married to Emily Blunt and she should not aspire to be a homewrecker.

Dream Duet
One of my loves of life is Joel Plaskett. That would be a cute match...musically. Joel is also married, homewrecker warning 2.0.

Guilty Pleasure
Eating 10 chocolate bars in 10 minutes. Pardon you? 10 chocolate bars in 10 minutes. Did I mention that she is not an obese woman waiting for her turn on the Biggest Loser? You better believe I brought up this talent the rest of the interview. So awesomely gross.

Hidden Talent
Uh, I used to be obsessed with yoga. I would go every day to hot yoga and sit front row and be so intense sweating buckets...then after a little while I would look beside me and there would be someone just as intense as me, but a guy in a mansie and stuff and the chick next to me would let out a couple toots and I'd be like, this is too intimate and too hot and I'd rather just go for a hike. So I kind of quit that. I used to be centred and ready to go, and then I was like f-ck it, I just need a glass of wine. I am totally with her...except for the whole yoga thing...the wine bit however, totally there.

Song currently on repeat
MNDR - I Go Away I concur with the goodness of this song. Approved.

Be on a Reality Show
The Real L Word I know what you're thinking...actually I know what I was thinking...but she is straight. She was just around when they were filming the show and wanted them to ask her to play her guitar in the corner of the room. Odd.

Last meal
Straight to Swizz Chalet for a quarter chicken dinner.  You and Justin Bieber both. What is with peeps from Ontario and the rotisserie chicken? (Side note: I did watch the rotisserie chicken channel while in Toronto...we are not missing out).

Beverage of choice
Red wine plus diet coke. I still have not tried this...I am not sure if this is legit or not. Someone please try and let me know.


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  1. I can say that when I was filming in Ontario we spent a lot of time at Swiss Chalet.
    It was odd.


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