Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Review: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

The Alberta Ballet took on Sarah McLachlan's tunes in their new show Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

There are a couple of things that I can tell you about this show. It was not perfect, it was not what I expected, and it was f-cking beautiful. I am almost positive that Sarah would be proud.

I was a little concerned that they were not using all of her most popular songs, there were only three that I recognized, but in the end the unknowns were the ones I liked best. It made it easier to focus on the dancing...and the male ballerina's asses. Holy fack. I am pretty sure I spent 68% of my time watching the men's behinds. Obviously I am completely okay with objectifying the dudes, and I am sure they do not mind...and if they do, well that is just too bad.

What I did hate was the video projections...there was maybe two or three that I actually liked, but for the majority of the time I kept thinking....AH MY EYES. Sorry to the dude who created them, but I was not feeling it. Especially the one of the guy sitting and you think it is a photo and them his head starts moving...talk about creepy and distracting. I did like the other aesthetics of the show - the costumes. Very Sarah.

I really hope that the AB and other companies continue putting on relevant productions...shows that are interesting to the general population. Sure, keep the Nutcracker cause it is a classic, but more of these pieces will definitely keep the company a step above the rest.


Fumbling Towards Ecstasy runs until Sat May 7 in Calgary and from May 12-14 in Edmonton.

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  1. I was completely underwhelmed.

    Although I loved hearing the music with such great acoustics, it was disappointing that it wasn't performed by a live orchestra. I would say that's part of the whole ballet appeal. The choreography was simple,repetitive and jazzy. Each scene had essentially the same movements and same pattern. Overuse of the entire ensemble seemed almost like an attempt to distract the sudience from weak dancing and amateur choreography.

    I loved the attempt at something original, but I thought, in fact, it was very unoriginal. The costumes were beautiful and fitting, but I felt like I was watching a high school ballet performance - dancer errors and all.

    I will say that it was a show geared to the general public and if you're not a big ballet fan you will most likely love the show, but if you're expecting something inspirational and avant-garde you won't find it here.



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