Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In Review: From Words to Screen - Something Borrowed

Another best seller becomes a movie. I don't think I can even tell you the amount of chick flicks that came to us from the pages of a novel. Some of them are the best of our time, such as The Notebook (*Tear), and every time another one comes to the screen I wonder if it will pass the test of translation and transformation from words on a page to something just as worthy on the screen.

Now the problem with Something Borrowed was that, even though I loved the book, I was completely conflicted while reading it. It is a story about a nice girl who ends up having an affair with her best friend since childhood's fiancee. Mother f-cking home-wrecker. But, in the book, the friend is painted as this absolutely atrocious bitch who cares about no one but herself. So you kind of justify it.

Translated onto the screen however, those important pieces need to be carried over. One thing that did not translate was that Darcie, played by Kate Hudson, is supposed to be an absolute knockout (tall, thin and dark brown hair if I recall correctly), but they have Hudson who, half of the time, look totally unkempt and kind of gross. Kate was also not looking like her usually lovely self. Was she already preggo while filming this movie? I had to wonder.  Needless to say Kate was not the Darcie I had pictured in my head, not by a long shot.

Ginnifer Goodwin was definitely well cast as Rachel, the home-wrecker, and Colin Egglesfield as Dex. Pretty much what I had imagined both to be. But let's not get started on how drunk the casting director was when they chose Steve Howey (the dude who played Van on Reba, plus an additional 30 pounds) to play Marcus. What the hell.

So the casting was hit and miss. But what about the story? I was worried the entire time that they were going to pull a My Sister's Keeper on us and mess everything up at the end. I don't want to ruin it for those of you who have read the book, but I will just say that the movie, although not completely true to form, wasn't lost in translation. John Krasinski's character, Ethan, was not as prominent in the book...but I can't complain, it's John Krasinski. I bow down to whoever's idea it was to make his role bigger.

I am still on the fence whether or not I think Rachel is on par with Darcie's douchiness because of her affair. I was undecided after reading the book and am still undecided now. The message kind of reads that it is okay to do something horrible to someone if they are a horrible person, but I still don't know if I agree.

As far as the history of chick flicks...this one falls somewhere in the middle. Far below The Notebook, and above Maid of Honor and Leap Year.

Verdict: 3.0 Stars


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  1. I picked up the book last week to read, and still haven't snuggled down with it yet. I will probably wind up waiting to read it until after I see the movie, due to already having a predisposition of who the characters will be.

    Have you read "Water For Elephants" the book that Reese Witherspoon and the vampire kid are playing on screen? It is such an amazing story. I'm boycotting the film for several reasons. One, I'm not Reese's biggest fan. Even though she won an Academy Award, I just don't feel she is very lateral for an actress. It's her honky tonk sweet voice. Two, Reese playing Vampire Boy's love interest is a lot far fetched for me. She's almost old enough to be his mother for christ sakes. And lastly, I'm tired of Hollywood ruining my books.

    Thank you for the honest review of Something Borrowed!


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