Friday, May 13, 2011

Goodbye Smallville

Smallville is ending tonight. I did watch a couple of episodes of the show when it first came out, but got annoyed with the girl who played Lana (or whatever her name was) and Clark was a bit of an emotional bitch. Couldn't handle it.

10 years later they are finally ending the show.

So my question is...what is Tom Welling going to do now that he has no super powers? Are they going to be making a Cheaper by the Dozen 3 for him to go back to or what?

Another question...did anyone legitimate (ie. people who read this blog) ever watch that show? Wasn't it the same thing over and over...person gets super powers because of magical rocks and Clark kills them, Clark likes a chick that doesn't know he is super and it messes up their relationship - forever alone, Lex Luthor (honestly don't even know if he is still alive) tries to kill superman - fails. many episodes of this could you actually come up with?

RIP Smallville. I am sure you will be reincarnated soon enough.


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