Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feels So Good - Steven Tyler (VIDEO)

Oh Steven Tyler. Couple things:
  • This song is way too pop-ish. I almost feel like it was originally made to be a jingle for Coke or something. 
  • Nicole Scherzinger...what exactly is her role? She sings a couple of back up lines in the song...that really could have been done by any chick that wasn't tone deaf.
  • The girl that "Feels So Good" in this video looks like she is about 21. Not that S Tyler would have any problem getting himself someone that young, it is just creepy and gross.  But I guess when your demo for a song like this is in that age demographic it would look kind of weird having some woman in her 30's running around. Those kids would just think...'Ew, that lady is old.'
  • And Steven...sometimes I think you missed your called to be in the circus.
The song is alright though. 


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